October/November Update (Updated)

Limited edition RABIES CASTE t-shirts & hoodies are being produced and should be available some time in December or early January.



Multiple cassette titles have been retired. IYWTYHT.  

The new T.E.F. CD has been delayed while Kevin works on new material. It's been delayed for a while. I'm just now getting around to telling you. Perfection is an art and Kevin is a master so it'll be done when it's done. 2022 should see it's earhole blasting release.

 Multiple releases from acts that have been commissioned are schedule TBD, but should surface some time next year if completed, including a CD from Japanese noise-grinders NAPALM DEATH IS DEAD, a CD from electroacoustic artist (and resident Dada art collaborator) CARLOS POZO, a split C-90 from PHOCOMELUS & OVMN, a full length LP of new material from MACRONYMPHA, a double 7" featuring K2/T.E.F./GOVERNMENT ALPHA/AFA, and a few other choice works.  

Plenty of other things bubbling beneath despite the calm surface. Stay tuned.