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T.E.F. Archive Series

Available on digital today are (3) early T.E.F. cassette releases from the late 90's, and (2) CD-R's from the early 2000's: Test Edit Franchise CS (The 1st T.E.F. release) Tarmac Exclusion Flight CS Tiananmen Enemy Forceps CS Armature CD-R T.E.F. & Concrete Violin Collaboration CD-R Armature & TEFCV are available on all streaming services and Bandcamp, and the (3) cassette releases are exclusive to Bandcamp. Dada Drumming Bandcamp

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MO*TE, Worth/AFA, Rabies Caste

After a long and arduous journey, the MO*TE AN IDLE COMPLAINT picture disc LP is finally available. Recorded in early 2019, and then realigned in mid-2019, put on hold/held up due to a move, damaged master lacquers, a 2nd set of master lacquers held up in customs, mysterious pops on the 1st set of test pressings, a world-wide shutdown, and a long boat journey, I am proud to present this study in persistence and patience. Packaged between 2-12x12 screen printed inserts, and housed in a non-static master sleeve with paper backing. Described by MO*TE as giving you the feeling of an inner deep landscape where the world of inorganic concrete is cracked and cracked, the artwork reflects just that.   DD59....

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Release Updates

Due to the worldwide pandemic things ground to a halt all over, so the expected MO*TE LP has been pushed back to a June, or possibly July release date. The RABIES CASTE "For The Vomiting Tractor Drivers" LP & digital re-release has also been pushed back to late summer. The guys put together a video for RHINO & CROC from some unreleased live footage while we wait, and that can be found here: Rhino & Croc The STIMBOX/A FAIL ASSOCIATION split LP is no longer available. However, it should be available digitally at some point.

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