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MO*TE - An Idle Complaint Picture Disc LP

MO*TE - An Idle Complaint Picture Disc LP

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An Idle Complaint Picture Disc LP

43 minutes of harsh weirdness from Fumiyuki Nagura, infamously known as MO*TE. You never know what you're going to get with MO*TE, and this record is no exception. Various objects clanking, sub-bass rolling, melodies plunked out behind machine-like grinding, trains running behind schedule, and dying electronics. Includes the very first MO*TE release LITTER (Kuzudarake) originally released on SSKL Japan in 1995 as 2 sides of a C-10, here presented as one piece, and remixed by Mr. Nagura.

Packaged between 2 screen printed inserts in a Mobile Fidelity Master Inner Sleeve to prevent damage to the picture disc.

200 Copies. Hand-numbered.

Track Listing

Side A
Daraketa Me - 10:47
Boukyaku - 10:49

Side B
Ame No Hi - 7:27
Kaskana Kutuu - 7:10
Kuzudarake (Remix/1995) - 7:04



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